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Definition / Definition Paid To Click and method of payment

TCM stands for Paid To Click which when translated means Paid to ngeklik free. Surely ngeklik ad.
Following a brief explanation on what the meaning or definition PTC
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To whom is PTC?
For those of you who want to earn from the Internet, so you are not just looking for friends or just looking for things that need to be in the surf. You can also money while surfing.
PTC is very good for those of you who does not have a blog, or lazy to take care of the blog. Because without having blogpun or without care of any blog you can find dollars on the internet. This is really proven.
Where did they pay us?
Surely they can set up to pay us (members) with income earned from their ads. So they share the revenue with us. Because they also need people to see their ad.

How I get paid?
Depending on its PTC managers. Most PTC pays its members between $ 0.01 - $ 0.02. PTC which pays between this range is usually a good PTC and not a Scam. If anyone dared to pay perkliknya PTC more than 1 dollar, then we can suspect PTC would Scam.

What is a Scam?
Scam in the internet world is defined by fraudsters. So is PTC PTC Scam Fraudster.
Prior to joining PTC to one of your surveys confirm whether tesebut PTC scam or real. To find out tesebut PTC scam or not, please read the posting feature-CIR PTC Scam

Then, where the PTC Genuine and proven to pay?
If you want to know and participate in the PTC really been proven to pay, you can see the list of PTC Recommende right beside this article. Please register through the banner or links there. PTC has been my survey and have been proven to pay.

Why pay less?
Kalu diliat of perkliknya was a little, just the range of 0.01 to 0.02 perklik. But that was for a single click. Who's in a day we can get 10 ads that means 10 clicks. We're mengkikuti some genuine PTC. Stay multiply it. Daily, monthly, and per PTC.
Certainly would stay a bit if we're alone. We can look for referrals or referrals for our income doubled. The more referrals we are, the sooner our dollar.

What is Referral?
Referral is the person we invite to join. Or other term is a Downline.
The more referrals we are, the sooner our dollar.

How do I find referrals?
You do not have to directly invite you to join the Friends if you are embarrassed. You can invite through your writings on the blog as I do this. Also, you can invite via e-mail.Syukur grateful for your invite and explain directly face to face.

Malu ah, If I had to ask people
Wait a minute, you also can rent referrals so that you do a lot of money fast. TCM providers can usually provide a referral that you sewa.Tentunya with varying prices. Can you see the PTC sites. The point is entered first or join first, then little by little you understand. Yet to register, you are not charged at all or free.

Who refferal rental?
Rental referral is a person who signed up PTC without referral. So if you join the PTC without a referral / downline others (for example, do not follow me) you still have a downline of other people, that even we do not know who we make referrals. So we would work alone without any support from our upline. So, I recommend that referral become other people to work together. Eg join my referral. Please list the PTC that I recommend in addition, through a banner or link.

There are other ways other than referrals?
There are many ways, one of which is to upgrade to premium member. Of course there are costs that vary each PTC. But the referral should also be lot of rethinking. For starters you join the PTC with a free course, over time you'll know the next step.

How PTC Payment to us?
PTC programs mostly pay via Paypal and Alertpay

What is Paypal and Alertpay?
Please click here to find the paypal and the way the list
For Alertpay please consult the tutorial How to Register Alertpay.
Recommendation I just use paypal, because it's easier in calculating their cash withdrawals.

Still confused about PTC?
Of course you are still confused because you do not follow the PTC. Most of the theory even more confusing us. What are you waiting? Please practice themselves by joining the TCM program that really pays to sign up through a variety of banners as well. You will work with me following the PTC. Berjalananya Over time you will know the ins and outs of PTC. Not just theory.

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